Simplistic Zopim Live Chat

Zopim Live Chat is an extension for the chat widget provided by Zopim.

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Simplistic Zopim Live Chat


Zopim Live Chat is an extension for the chat widget provided by Zopim.
It allows store owner to interact with their visitors, give support to them, know the statistics of the visits, get offline messages etc.


- Upgrade Proof Module.
- Tested for Magento version - 1.9
- Very Easy to install & configure.
- Option to enable/disable.
- Option for entering the chat widget code.

Installation / Configuration:

1> Just copy & paste the 'app' folder provided in the extension zip file to the root of your magento installation.
2> After installation go to Admin: System >> Configuration >> MagePsycho Extensions >> Zopim Live Chat >> Manage your setting here.


General Settings

Enabled = Yes Chat Widget Code = Enter the widget code obtained from Zopim Dashboard. 

Installation Notes:

0> Disable the Cache before Installation or Refresh the Cache after Installation.
1> If you get 'Access Denied' error in System > Configuration, then try to logout & re-login.
2> If you have custom theme then try to copy the following files:



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