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Allows customers to ask questions on product pages and receive answers right there. Both administrator and website visitors can leave replies.

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When customers have concerns about the product and the information is not all there, they are likely to either look for a vendor with detailed descriptions, or look for a different product, or contact a store owner. What we have achieved with our Magento Product Questions extension is we made asking a question the easiest choice of all three, limiting your risk of losing prospective customers.

Not only asking and answering a product question becomes extremely simple, but also questions and answers may be publicly displayed on the product page, allowing customers to provide their own answers or learn from the answers of others.


Ask a question
On each product page there is an “Ask question” button, which activates a drop-down question field. A customer or guest (optional) leaves some contact info, question text, and decides whether the question is private (visible to admin only) or public (visible on the product page).

Get an answer
When the question is approved and/or edited by admin it may be either answered by admin himself or broadcasted to be answered by either customers who have purchased the product in the past, all customers, or even visitors. Additionally, a number of customers who have purchased the product might be automatically invited via direct email to answer a question

Answer sharing
Questions and answers may be left on the product page for other customers who might have similar concerns. Answers may get rated for helpfulness by other customers and sorted according to the rating or freshness. Admin decides how many questions to display per page and how many answers to display per question. In case questions are related to more than one product they may be shared on other pages as well.

Question tracking
Customer gets an additional tab in his account devoted specifically to product questions and displaying all questions, answers, and their status.

Notification options
A variety of options are available to keep everyone up to date and to keep everything moving. Admin may be notified about new questions and answers, customers are notified about new answers and question status changes, other customers may be notified if their help is needed to answer a question. Emails are fully customizable, with rich content, direct links, unsubscribe options, etc.


Time saving
Since questions may be broadcasted on the product pages there is no need to answer same question many times over. And in case the answer requires first hand experience of the product you don’t have to do any research - just forward it to someone who’s got the product already.

Easy navigation
No need to play the guessing game trying to figure out which product exactly is the question about. All questions are asked directly from the product page so you know exactly where to look.

Customer engagement
What people do love is to be an expert on something. Some customers might not be inclined to go back and leave general feedback, but once they see someone in need of help they are much more likely to leave a comment.

Building trust
Answering question is by itself a good way to build customer relationship, but displaying answers on the product page goes one step further. This way all customers know that there is an actual person on the other side and that the store has an engaged customer base - which is a strong case for your credibility.

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