Help Desk Ultimate

Magento ticket management module with case tracking, statistics, and resolution systems. Let clients submit a ticket assigned to specific department and receive help immediately.

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Streamline your communications into a single channel!

The extension is capable of collecting the correspondence from multiple sources. No matter how a customer posts their request, the extension will fetch it to the proper destination. Leave the message delivery to the module, and let your Support team focus on serving the clients!

Multiple submission options:

1.From Customer Account

2.Via native Contact Form

3.Via Email

4.From backend

 Accept tickets via Email

Just set up an email gateway - and the extension will parse all the email messages going through it to backend, preserving the assignation and other ticket attributes.

 Spam protection:

1.Bot-protected web-forms

2.Email rejecting patterns

 Flexible email gateway settings

Use any mailing service you want: the email gateways support POP3 and IMAP protocols, with or without SSL/TSL encryption.

Rationalize your workflow!

The extension is designed to put your customer service in good order, and it offers all the crucial means for achieving this goal. With the extension, you can make sure that every single inquiry is taken care of timely, and no aspect is omitted or lost.

Flexible ticket assignation system

Distribute tickets between unlimitedDepartments and Agents and let the proper person answer each query.

Effective Ticket Management

Queue your tickets according to theirStatuses and Priorities.

Ensure authorized access

Use the Admin user-based ticket viewing restrictions and Ticket Lock functionality to make certain that sensitive information is kept private.

Powerful Notifications system

From a simple request acknowledgement email for customer to reporting every step of the case processing to a supervising agent - all automated.

Complete communications history

Whenever there's a need to recover any detail of a customer's query, you'll have no problem with that, as the module carefully saves every bit of information.

Detailed Ticket Grid

Get all the important ticket information on the grid page, including department, subject, order number (NEW!), store view (NEW!), rate (NEW!), creation date, etc.

Fast Ticket Creation from Backend (NEW!)

A new Help Desk Tickets tab is added to the Order View and Customer Information page to simplify ticket creation and management. For a quick tickets track, their quantity is right on the tab name.

On-the-fly Ticket Management (NEW!)

Manage tickets on the fly from the grid page in the popup window. Click the Manage link for a correspondent ticket and easily change the agent, department, ticket status or its priority. Moreover, add a message to the agent you assign the ticket to.

Built-in coupon code generation*

In case you feel a customer is entitled to a little extra for his inconvenience, you may use an option to generate and deliver a coupon code right from within the ticket. Select a predefined coupon type and it will be delivered to a customer with corresponding coupon email.

*Additional options can be accessed through our Coupon Code Generator

Monitor the effectiveness of your customer service!

It is crucial to stay constantly aware of the situation is your customer service department. With its built-in reporting system, the extension presents you with everything you need to monitor, measure and control the work of your support team.

Work out the best practices for ticket replies (NEW!)

Now your clients can provide feedback on support received by rating tickets from 1 Poor to 5 Excellent. Rating is optional and can be changed on a customer side any time. All correspondent information is available in the Ticket grid and on the Ticket Information page. As your agents are not allowed to change tickets’ rating, this data is a perfect base both to evaluate your team performance and to establish the best strategies & tactics for outstanding customer support service.

Workload Report

Get the instant overview of your support staff's current load levels - per-agent and per-department ticket totals grouped by Statuses and Priorities.

Ticket Statuses Statistics

This reporting option is a means to analyze your client's behavior - when they submit new tickets, when they respond the most, etc.

Agent Statistics

The effectiveness of each of your agents measured by the average response and ticket closing times.

Receive Carbon Copy of each message

You can have a copy of every message that goes through the Help Desk sent to a specified mailbox (-es).

Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Customer service is about solving problems, not multiplying them. The Help Desk Ultimate extension guarantees the accessibility and transparency of your support procedure. Your customers are supplied with all the means they need to comfortably raise, track and close their tickets.


Simplify customer communications with a comprehensive and intuitive ticket management section introduced toCustomer Account dashboard.

Guest ticket access

Make it equally easy for your guest users to apply for support. Along with Email Parsing, the External View link gives your guests all the advantages of the Ticket View webform without the necessity to create an account.

Optional Department / Priority selectors

Enable your customers to lodge their inquiries to the desired destination.

Let your customers be heard!

If a customer has a complaint or comment regarding a ticket, they can apply directly to a supervisor via "Escalate Ticket" option

Break free from expensive external services!

An affordable industry-class Help Desk / Case Tracking solution that works inside your Magento, with no subscriptions to external services and/or additional connector modules? That's exactly what we are offering!

No usage fees

You only pay for the extension upfront and get all the advertised functionality. What you don't get is any artificial limits on the number of tickets, departments or agents

Works inside your Magento

The Help Desk Ultimate extension is fully integrated into Magento and does not require any external sources to operate.

Fully customizable

You have full control over the module. Including the source code. Yes, we mean it: if the exact option you need is missing - you can add it.

Get better results with less effort!

Don't let your staff's time and effort be wasted on performing routine tasks: collecting customer information, typing answers to typical questions, signing the messages and so on. The extension presents an admin user with all the relevant info and options they may need to quickly respond to a ticket.

Advanced Ticket View screen

A backend user has all the necessaryinformation and options gathered in one place, including:

1.Customer details

2.Up to 5 customer's latest orders

3.Up to 5 customer's latest tickets

Tailored for Multistore installations

Get your departments and associated options separated between your stores, so that your staff do not get lost in unrelated records.

Quick Responses

The extension allows creating answer shortcuts, that can be inserted into the message in just one click

Ticket auto-expiration

Let the extension handle clearing your support queues by automatically closing tickets after a period of zero activity.

Entities linking

Get the tickets cross-linked with thecustomer accounts and orders, and navigate seamlessly between them.

Admin-only notes

Make sure the important bits of information are always highlighted viaTicket Comments and shared Customer Notes.

Smart tickets grid

Get the extension fine-tuned to your workflow with pre-defined filters andcustomizable "View Tickets" grid.

Ticket Search

Let massive data not be an obstacle - you can locate any ticket easily with the extension's built-in search functionality.


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