Automatic Related Products

Define the rules for related products and offer people alternatives to the current product automatically.

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Displaying relevant related products will increase the average order value, reduce the number of abandoned pages, and simply help your customers browse through the store looking for what they need. However, assigning related products in Magento is a time consuming task, especially for anyone managing a store with thousands of items.

What we have for you is a Magento Automatic Related Products extension that automates the whole process, allowing to define the general principles for assigning related products (up-sells, cross-sells, etc.) and to choose which products these principles apply to. This way it doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with a couple items or with a 100K product store - it will still take just a few clicks to set up an appealing related product block.


Position within the store
For each Magento related products block you create you may choose whether to display it on the product page, the category page, or within the shopping cart.

Position within the page
Within the page you may select one of the predefined positions: before content, instead of native block, under the native block, or inside the page. Additional options may be created by adding auto related products as a CMS block or a widget. Note that there is a possibility of creating different blocks with varying content and placing them within the same page.

Display options
Each block may be given a custom name to reflect the type of suggested products, e.g. “similar products”, “frequently bought together”, “more in this collection”, etc. You may also decide on the number of related products displayed in the block at once.

Highly flexible rules
Products, for which any particular block is to be displayed, may be defined as narrowly as you want. Use any attributes to select a specific group of products or even select an individual item. Similarly, related products may be set to match specific attributes or to follow specific patterns.

Audience selection
We provide an option of creating different content for different customer groups.

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